Top 10 Tuesday

My Top 10 Favorite Character Traits

It’s ‘Top Ten Tuesday’! Today I will be writing about my favorite character traits; both negative and positive. Yes, negative traits deserve just as much love as positive ones. A great character is undoubtedly created with both detrimental and enjoyable features. The particular traits I’m listing are ones I find great interest in when found in a character; and most likely a person too. I’ll list from least to most loved (remember these are all my favorite traits, I love them all! Just some more than others if I were to rank them)!

10. Curious

A can always appreciate a curious character. When I read, I ask a lot of questions (maybe it’s because I’m a science fiend and asking questions and finding answers is my favorite thing to do); the satisfaction of having a character ask the same questions I have is indescribable. However, no matter how seemingly good this trait can be, curiosity often puts a character in unfavorable situations. I feel there is a fine line between writing a character as curious—and stupid. It’s hard, I admit, characters who make dull-witted decisions usually derive them from curiosity like most people; and its difficult to write a good character that asks questions and seeks for answers in both an intelligent and cautious way (a great example is the character Sherlock Holmes!). However, when an author pulls this off—god—is it amazing. When they don’t? Not so much.

9. Centered

A character that is centered is one that stays calm, and thinks clearly. If its a crisis, riddle, or any challenge or obstacle, a centered character will be a breath of fresh air within the claustrophobic panic of others. I always find it enjoyable to read about a centered character, and I most definitely love centered people in real life as well. This trait is a rare gem in books and life, if found, keep it always.

8. Romantic

I probably enjoy this trait so much because I have it myself. I’m quite the romantic (no matter how single I may be) and I always try to find potential lovers for friends and family. This trait is seen in characters that are both longing for a lover, and characters that crave romance for their friends and others. Characters with this trait are always entertaining and hilarious to read about. The ‘best friend’ that always tries to hook up the protagonist with every person they talk to is always a bubbly and heartwarming favorite.

7. Protective

This trait not only belongs to characters that are protective of others; but also those that protect their own beliefs, and what/who they love and respect. I absolutely adore characters that will do anything to protect both the tangible and intangible because of how deep the love is for them within their heart.

6. Lustful

This refers to one of the seven deadly sins: lust (mainly nonsexual, yes I know how disappointing). This is indeed a negative trait, and I love it so much because it gives a character a certain drive, maybe even dusted with passion. When a character wants something so badly they will do all these unfathomable and frankly unreasonable actions to even scrape it with the tip of their nail, it sparks so much interest and exhilaration within me. Even better when the author gives the character a deeper meaning behind that lust, such as revenge, a dream, or a wanting for affection and love.

5. Humorous

The novelty, the breath of fresh air, the character that seemingly always relates to the reader. The character of comedy is a favorite to everyone. For me, I enjoy a character who gives me giggles utilizing dark humor and excessive cursing. It’s such a great feeling when a character can cut through thick, viscous drama—like a knife through butter—with a single line of text. Nevertheless, there are always comical characters that I don’t find particularly amusing; characters that seem more like a dead weight or jester. Jesters, or characters that are amusing by being ignorant and mindless frustrate me. Once again, that fine line along stupidity.

4. Prideful

Pride is closely related to confidence, and the corner of my mouth always perks up whenever I see a character showing either of these traits. Pride is also a trait I appreciate seeing in real life, its nice to have someone be so ‘sure’ and supportive of a belief or certain participation. It is most delightful when expressed moderately, however, excessive and overwhelming pride is just as interesting.

3. Cunning/Crafty

A character who is able to complete tasks in a deceiving, clever, and unexpected way always keeps me on my toes. In fact, it’s even better when I’m relaxed thinking I know what will happen; but this character surprises me with a solution or plan I could have never perceived. This trait conveys a certain intelligence I love, but don’t see enough of. A good example of a character with this trait is Kaz from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Always one step ahead, quick witted, and irresistibly greedy. This trait sits proudly at spot three on this list, since I always find myself loving a book more if it contains a character displaying this.

2. Witty

It is easy to realize that I very much enjoy intelligence in all it’s forms. This goes for real people too (as most of these traits do)! A character that is intellectually jocular and ingeniously clever is one I could fall for. I love this trait; quick spits of facts or corrections may seem annoying to some, but I adore it. Intelligence expressed with humor is wonderful! I will never under-appreciate it and I wish I saw this trait more often in female characters (though I love it in males too)!

1. Sarcastic/Snarky

Odd, isn’t it? People find this trait to be unexpected as my most favorite, but I can’t get enough of it. I weirdly very much enjoy it in real life too, probably because I am quite sarcastic myself. When I find someone who appreciates witty, (and probably slightly offensive) commentary as much as I do, we will most likely become very good friends. In characters, I relate to their humor; and how they use snark to enjoy themselves. It can also be portrayed as quite attractive too (or maybe that’s just me), when a character spites another with wit and acuity. Intellect is my drug; positive or negative, and it will be something I always take enormous pleasure in.

Those are my top ten favorite character traits! I hope some can relate to me and how I feel on some of these; though I feel I may have a certain bias. Maybe that bias is something people can relate to as well?

Happy reading!

xoxo Byunzie

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