About Me

Hi! My name is Megan (alias is Byunzie)!

I’m a teen blogger living in The Bay Area California that loves reading, science, and learning altogether.

I am not attracted to one type, or genre of books! My favorites in fiction would be a heavy fantasy that makes me wish I were apart of it’s universe, or a head-turning dystopian adventure secreting suspense and maybe a little bit of romance from it’s pages. While I also love powerful non-fiction biographies—stories filled with bravery and unfathomable passion. Texts that occupy my thoughts with newfound comprehension, and make me ask more questions about my world than I’d ever imagine; are just as addicting as a courageous superhuman protagonist reaching the climax of it’s journey, where all of it’s teachings are put to the test.

I made this blog to mainly express my thoughts and opinions on books and writing, while also sharing little pieces of my life and probably some STEM (how could I resist) as well! I will try to post around 2-3 times every week, most likely a ‘Top 10 Tuesday‘, discussion, and book review!

Happy reading!

xoxo Byunzie