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My first tag, how exciting! During the year, fall is the season I tend to read the most. The cold weather outside entices me to stay indoors with the cozy feeling of crackling fire, fuzzy blankets, and a hot drink—the perfect environment to crack open a good book! I’ll be sharing a variety of books I’ve read quite recently, along with some thoughts and opinions! I’ve read plenty of books this fall, however I find these books in particular to be the most memorable this season, and I highly recommend them all!

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Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor E. Frankl

I love to read philosophy, and I have read plenty of texts on countless theories and beliefs. However, Man’s Search For Meaning stands out to me because of the inspiring, compelling, story and experiences behind it. This book tells of the author Victor E. Frankl, and his experiences as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. He created his own psychotherapy method within the camp that ended up prolonging his life, which in the book he explains thoroughly. I find it fairly rare to find philosophy with such a harrowing context, it amazes me how Frankl saved his own life and sanity with methods that seem so quiet and simple. I will never forget the lessons he has taught me, and what powerful wonders someone can create with nothing but their imagination.

fall tag 2

Melmoth by Sarah Perry


A “spooky” read fit for the season, Melmoth is a story that’s theme and structure is built from Charles Maturin’s 1820s gothic masterpiece, Melmoth the Wanderer. I admit I do not read much goth (however open minded I claim to be), but this novel’s ending kept me up throughout many nights, so unexpected yet the buildup was clear and carefully woven. My mind practically popped off my head as I reached the conclusion in the novel, making the read a memorable, haunting experience.

fall tag 5

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

I feel that all who love romance have read this novel, and I regret delaying my chance to experience it for so long! I bought the book ages ago, but I never bothered to open it mostly because I was distracted reading other more anticipated publications. I finally finished it a couple days ago and I was all smiles throughout the entire journey. The protagonist Lucy Hutton is a beautifully funny and quirky character, written in a classic yet refreshing dynamic with her workplace competitor, Joshua Templeman. I loved reading this romance through and through, a novel recommended to those who would like to indulge in a laid-back and comical love story.

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

I hope this cover is red enough to qualify! The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a delightful tale about an elderly war veteran named Eddie who believes his life is utterly meaningless. When he dies saving a little girl on his 83rd birthday, he awakes in the afterlife with 5 beings that that explain to him his lifetime, and his importance. This book has become one of my favorites when I crave something cozy and sweet. I absolutely adore Eddie, and the way Albom chooses to illuminate his life and teach the readers a truthful, heartwarming lesson.

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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo did a wonderful job keeping me at the edge of my seat as I read her popular fantasy, Six of Crows. I absolutely love the fantasy genre, however I tend to drag my eye towards the romantic variety, making this action-packed novel a stimulating and fresh read. The story is frankly quite distracting, giving me immense difficulty when I try to tear away from the pages. Chock-full of excitement and characters that are easy to emotionally attach to (oh god Kaz), this book is highly recommended for those who have trouble staying awake and engrossed when reading!

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(Untitled) ACOTAR Book #4 by Sarah J. Maas

Book cover and title have not been released yet!

What else is there to say? ACOTAR is a series that I read back to back, over and over, without ever tiring of the story and it’s characters. The main trilogy has come to an end, but Sarah J. Maas further keeps fans on their toes with the announcement of companion novels! One of which is releasing sometime in 2020. I hold dear all of ‘The Inner Circle’ and hope to see them once more in a newfangled and (romantic) read! Yes—romance—I need that too, because I don’t just have some ships that need feeding, I have a whole armada.

I hope at least a few of these books are found interesting and readers are willing to give it a go! I really enjoyed all of them and I hope others find them an amazing experience reading them as well.

I tag everyone! All readers appreciate a good recommendation once and awhile, especially me who tends to have trouble searching for alluring and captivating reads to add to my TBR. Make sure to tag ‘Fall Book Tag’ or link me so I can see all the wonderful recommendations!

Happy reading!

xoxo Byunzie

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