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“What Makes Me Pick Up A Book” Tag!

Hello! I am back with a new and interesting tag I saw on Kristin Kraves Books’ blog. I’m extremely curious to see the similarities and differences bookworms have when it comes to deciding what texts to read!

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Book covers have come quite a long way in terms of illustrations, graphics, and grabbing a reader’s attention. As I see it, it’s exceedingly difficult to not judge a book based on it’s cover before reading it’s pages or synopsis. I am ashamed to admit that I have indeed bought a book solely for the way it’s cover will look on my shelves, but most of the time a cover is the last thing I worry about when it comes to deciding if I should purchase a book or not.

Focusing just on a cover, what attracts you to pick it up?

Unique and interesting titles are what attract me most on a book’s cover! I love when a book’s title is clever and/or intriguing; especially when it compels me ask about it’s connection with the text, that’s the jackpot for me. When it comes to the visuals, I tend to take interest in darker more muted colors (red is an exception) with interesting illustrations and graphics! I almost never pick up a book with images of people on the cover—whether it be drawn or photographed—unless the title is super interesting. Texture also plays a pretty surprising role in my judgement of a cover as well! I love when there is more than one texture on a cover/dust-jacket and I don’t really have a good explanation as to why.

Do you read the synopsis first, or prefer to go in knowing nothing about the book?

If I’m buying a book I plan to read and enjoy, I will always read the synopsis. To be frank I find it insane that some readers can purchase books they know nothing about!

Do you have any auto-buy authors?

I do not! If I really enjoy a text and it’s author is releasing a new book, I will definitely take interest in it—but never buy it blindly. I always read the synopsis like any other book no matter the author to determine if I will purchase it or not.

Are you more likely to pick up a book if it has specific elements/themes?

Of course! Most of the time I browse for books I’m looking for certain themes and tropes that I enjoy. So obviously if a text claims to contain these things, it has a significantly better chance of me reading it than not. Books with psychological and philosophical themes/ideals like what it means to be human or how far a person can go fueled purely by love is the kind of shit I live for! I will also shamelessly admit romance is something I definitely look forward to seeing in fictional texts.

Do you ever read a book that has generally negative reviews just to form your own opinion on it?

I love to read book reviews! I definitely take positive reviews into account when I decide whether to read a book, but I never let negative reviews do the same. Every text should have a shot at being indulged.

Do you ever buy a book just because another booktuber/blogger has talked about it a lot?

Hyped books tend to be incredibly overrated for me once I read them. As a result, I take into account other’s positive opinions on a book when it comes to purchasing texts. However, I will never let another person’s judgement be the only reason to spend my money.

Is there anyone whose book recommendations you always trust?

Yes! I know plenty of bloggers and friends with the same tastes in literature who I go to for book recommendations! I can always trust in Goodreads to find books that fit my palette as well. I may make a separate post about this in the future.

I tag everyone to take a crack at this tag as it really opened up my eyes to what I do during book browsing! It also taught me to be more open minded when it comes to book covers, I will definitely try to explore more vibrant covers the next time I shop.

I’m currently writing an overview of what I’ve been doing these past few months as I haven’t been blogging. I’ll get that out as soon as I can!

Happy reading!

xoxo Byunzie

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Ringing In The New Year Book Tag!

Welcome 2020! With a new year comes new goals, and new knowledge. I saw this tag on Clo’s blog ‘Cuppa Clo’ that is created by Rae at ‘Book Chronicles’! It’s open to everyone and seemed like such a fun way to start off the year!

• Link to the person who tagged you
• Link to the creator of the tag: Bookmark Chronicles!
• Answer the questions below!
• Tag friends!

Best Book And/Or Series That You’ve Read in 2019?

The ‘Caraval’ series by Stephanie Garber and ‘Folk of the Air’ series by Holly Black both reached their conclusions in 2019. I have to say I adore both those trilogies and find them to be pretty memorable! The thrill of anticipating the release of a book in a series to see the fates of characters you know and love is so exhilarating. I love it!

Authors That You’ve Recently Found And Would Like To Read More Of In The New Year?

I recently discovered the author Renée Adieh by reading her book ‘The Beautiful’ a while back! The text was pretty awesome and I’m eager to read her ‘Wrath & The Dawn’ series which I still haven’t got my hands on yet.

Most Anticipated Book Turned Movie/TV Show?

Oh gosh, I binged all of ‘His Dark Materials’ the other day on HBO based off the series of the same name by Philip Pullman. I remember reading the book series years ago! I barely remember anything that happened in the books but watching the series feels so nostalgic despite it being newly released! I will definitely keep up with that show.

Name A Character That You Wouldn’t Mind Sharing A Kiss With At Midnight?

Oh gosh. There are obviously characters I really love but I’ve never thought of them in this way before. Most of them have significant others as well! It feels dirty to list those that have lovers…is that so wrong? I would probably give Nikolai Lantsov from the ‘Grishaverse’ by Leigh Bardugo a peck on the cheek, however after reading ‘The King of Scars’ I think he has a little crush on you-know-who…

How Many Books Do You Hope To Read In 2020?

I know this is ambitious, but I hope to read 200 books in 2020! I was able to read around 160 books this year which is pretty insane, so I believe I may be able to hit the 200 mark. I’m not going to kill myself trying to hit that number, but it’s a good motivation to read plenty more this year.

Will You Participate In The Goodreads Reading Challenge Or Any Others?

Yes! As of now I’m participating in the ‘Goodreads Reading Challenge’! I just recently started a Goodreads! I know I’m very very late in doing so. I’ve been filling in as many books as I can think of that I’ve read, and giving them star ratings for quick reviews! Please feel more than welcome to friend me!

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Start working! I’ve applied to various jobs and already am going to interviews soon. These books aren’t buying themselves!
  • Make sure I have time to read! My life is only getting busier, and I want to make sure reading isn’t eliminated from my schedule.
  • Keep a 4.0! I have a 90% and above in all my current classes, and I’d like to keep it that way…
  • Continue self studying! I self study languages and neuroscience as a hobby. Right now I am studying Korean and Japanese simultaneously (I know I’m crazy). 여보세요! こんにちは!Neuroscience has always been something I was interested in, I plan to take a program at a university over the summer to learn even more! I’m pretty thirsty for knowledge over here…
  • Cook and bake more! I have to admit, I eat out—a lot. Whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, or bakery, I’m always spending money on food! I’m not a terrible baker and cook, so I’d like to make my own meals! It’s a good life skill I need to work on.

I hope you all have an amazing 2020; I give you best wishes! To anyone that would like to participate in this tag, feel free to do so! Just make sure to follow the rules and link me (I’d love to read your post)!

Happy reading!

xoxo Byunzie

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